award winning carcass

Feeders, meat graders and butchers are very impressed with the consistently high quality carcasses of the Speckle Park.


Carcass Yield & Beef Characteristics

Every breed can produce high quality carcasses but what is impressive is when the carcasses of a particular breed are consistently of the highest quality.

Such is the case with Speckle Park. The consistently high quality of Speckle Park is demonstrated by their superior performance in carcass competitions at over many years.

Another impressive fact about Speckle Park is their unique ability to produce AAA carcasses without an excess of outer fat cover. Speckle Park consistently produce marbled meat with a minimum of fat cover.

Speckle Parks have moderately sized carcasses. According to Fred Taylor, beef grades standards officer with the Canadian Beef Grading Agency (CBGA), the ideal size carcass is between 300 and 340 kilograms. The reason is the rib-eye area. The optimum rib-eye for the retail and restaurant trade is between 77 and 86 sq. cm. Carcasses in excess of 340 kilograms give rib-eyes too large to slice into 1" thick steaks and still maintain an 8 oz. portion that's juicy and flavourful.

Consumers are looking for steaks of the right size and the best taste. For the consumer the AAA well marbled beef ensures tender beef with excellent flavour.

Beef from Speckle Park is typically finer grained with smaller but more numerous deposits of intramuscular fat (marbling). There is always a strong market for Speckle Park beef among those who recognize quality eating.



Best-in-show Carcass

Where Speckle Park are recognized and turn up in numbers, Speckle Park influenced feeder calves are topping the markets at the feeder sales such as the one every October in Ponoka, Alberta.

Speckle Parks are giving every indication that they are efficient converters of feed. Speckle Parks can be finished naturally off grass with minimal, if any, grain inputs.

Speckle Parks are also demonstrating that they retain these carcass advantages when crossed on other breeds, either beef or dairy.

Speckle Park steers on test may be viewed at the Steer-A-Year project at Olds College, Olds, Alberta. Every year since 2000 Speckle Park have participated in this project. The official test begins at the beginning of November of each year and ends when the last of the steers go to market at the end of April. The Speckle Park steers entered in this project have demonstrated their consistent high quality carcasses over the years.

Speckle Park have gained a reputation as a carcass breed of the highest quality and moderate size. The breed has established this reputation primarily by means of its outstanding performance in carcass competitions and steer tests.

Anecdotal evidence is abundant, but the competition and test results make the point.